Welcome To Fantasy Island…I mean Camp! Fantasy Camp.

We have begun day one of the Cleveland Indians Fantasy Camp, where all proceeds go to Cleveland Indians Charities.  The campers arrived to the hotel (Renaissance Hotel in Glendale) late last night and had a quick welcome banquet.  They were greeted with warm welcomes from the Pros–which are Indians alumni.  It’s fun to watch how excited these grown men are to play baseball for a week.  Of course, it is even more fun on day two to watch how sore and slow moving they are because they realize how out of shape they are!

Throughout the week, I will be updating this blog and hopefully have some exciting stories to tell.  So far today, they arrived at the complex, found out where their lockers are (the campers use the visitor’s locker room) and have started some clinics.  This afternoon they will be playing two games so that the Pros can get a look at how they play.  The Pros will then hold a secret draft, picking players that they think could win a championship by the end of the week.  It gets pretty competitive!

While here, the campers will live as close to how real ballplayers live as possible.  When they are driven to the camp they will have all access to the visitor’s clubhouse and have the Cleveland Indian’s clubhouse staff take care of them…just like the big leagues.  Their uniforms will be washed everyday, they have breakfast and lunch prepared by our in house food service staff and can even have as many sunflower seeds as they can handle. 

Once the campers find out what team they are on later tonight, they all go out to dinner as a team with their coaches (the Pros).  After dinner, we’ll have a quick meeting and a bull session or two and then bed.  Tomorrow, I will have a break down of what Pros we have here and what teams they are coaching.  The “season” games start tomorrow morning right after player photos take place.  I’ll keep you all posted! 

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