“You don’t even know what a write-off is, do you?”

Day 2 of Cleveland Indians Fantasy Camp is here.  Today’s high temperature is supposed to be 79 degrees.  The high temperature in Cleveland at Progressive Field, a sweltering 15 degrees and snow.

We’ll keep today’s entry short, only because I don’t have a lot of time today.

Last night at our “end of the night” meeting we paid a special tribute to Mr. Bob Feller.  A tribute video was shown following Bob’s life in the majors up until his last year at Fantasy Camp (January 2010).  All of the campers received special t-shirts for the occassion and a few other personal moments and tributes were shared.  I won’t discuss those, because those are the types of things that need to only be known to the campers and staff here.  It was a very nice night and I think Mr. Feller would have enjoyed it.  Actually, he probably would have been upset that all the commotion was for him when we could have been spending our time playing baseball.

As promised, I have the Pros’ names and the teams that they are managing for the week.  The games are going on as I type this.

Team #1:  The Big Saguaros are managed by “Super” Joe Charboneau and Rick Manning

Team #2: The Killer B’s are managed by Scott Bailes and Lenny Barker

Team #3: The Rhomburba’s are managed by Dave Burba and Kevin Rhomberg

Team #4: Azcue’s Miscues are managed by Joe Azcue and Rick Waits

Team #5: The Swindlers are managed by Mike “Grover” Hargrove and Greg “Zeke” Swindell

Team #6: The Rapid CD’s are managed by Dave Nelson and Chad Ogea

Team #7: B.A.T.S are managed by Brian Anderson and Pat Tabler

Team #8: Feller’s Fans are managed by Max Alvis and Cory Snyder

The Camp’s Overseers/Judges/Jokers are Gary Bell and Jim “Mudcat” Grant

So those are your Pros, ladies and gentlemen.  In addition to the former players being team managers, they will also play the campers at the end of the week in the Pros vs. Campers game.  I’ll try and get a picture or two of that catastrophe when I can!

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