“No, but they do…and they’re the ones that write it off.”

Getting to the point of this and the last blog titles, it should be repeated once more that all of the proceeds from Cleveland Indians Fantasy Camp go straight to Cleveland Indians Charities.  I’m not just talking about the cost people pay to attend the camp (which campers could probably just write off–hence, the titles of the past two blogs). 

Each night we hold something called Kangaroo Kourt. And before you try to correct me, “Court” is spelled with a “K” for this word.  I can’t back that up, but every time I see it written on things down here it has a “K,” so we’ll stick with that.  Anyway, Kangaroo Kourt is a nightly occurence where we have a Judge (former player Gary Bell) and he fines different campers and Pros for stupid mistakes they had during the day.  There could be a $5.00 fine for someone who missed an easy pop-fly.  Or a $20.00 fine if you strikeout looking.  We even had a veteran camper who opted not to come to camp this year to instead go to Las Vegas and he was going to be fined $500.00 when he came back next year.  Oddly enough, he showed up to last night’s Kangaroo Kourt on his way in to Las Vegas, heard about the fine (even though it was more of a joke) and shelled out $500.00!

All of the fines go straight to Cleveland Indians Charities, so we like fining people.  Sitting in on the Kourts is one of the coolest things to see during camp–at least for me.  It amazes me how generous people are here.  The majority of the people donate more money than they are fined.  We had a guy that was fined $5.00 and he put in $30.  It is an awesome thing and for that, we thank the campers and the Pros (because they get fined just as much)!

Tonight is our last Kangaroo Kourt of the week because tomorrow starts the Pros vs. Campers game, the Playoffs and we have a little BBQ in the ballpark.  In case you are wondering, “Azcue’s Miscues” coached by Joe Azcue and Rick Waits are currently undefeated at 4-0 in their division (Heroes Division) and Mike Hargrove and Greg Swindell’s “Swindlers” are winning their division with a 3-1 record.

To my to readers of this blog, if you are interested in more information on Cleveland Indians Fantasy Camp for next year call our Fan Service department at 216-420-HITS.   

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