Well I wear this net on my head, ’cause my red hair is fallin’ out…

Today was the first Indians in the Community event of 2011 and it went pretty well.  We started off small for the first event and had about 11 volunteers help out at St. Augustine Hunger Center in Cleveland.  The volunteers were members of the Cleveland Indians front office and their job was to prepare and serve lunch to the needy. 

Upon our arrival, we were told that we weren’t just going to assist preparing the food–but instead we were going to make it all ourselves!  The normal cook said she was going to “trust” us to prepare whatever we wanted.  She gave us about 15 tubes of ground beef (yes, they came in wrapped tubes) and a ton of sauce.  What else could we make, but some good ol’ spaghetti and meatballs.  We also added some potato soup, garlic bread and salad. 

Below is a picture so you can see that we actually were there with our hair nets on and everything! I now know what the Lunch Lady felt like in Adam Sandler’s song “Lunch Lady Land.” I didn’t hear any complaints on how the food tasted, so we must have done okay. 

The blog will take a small break before our next big Community Outreach adventure, but I may still post some Tribe-type things up here just to keep you all on your toes.

St. Augustine.jpg

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