Fill the House for the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland

I’ve always considered myself a “glass half full” kind of guy when it comes to just about everything thrown at me in life.  The rare exceptions are 1.) when I run out of gas and 2.) when I finish a glass of water. 

This Wednesday night, April 6, Indians fans can’t be “glass half full” fans.  They have to be “glass overflowing” fans.  In a very roundabout and confusing way, I’m trying to tell you to come to the game so that we can Fill the House (the house in this case being Progressive Field) because the more people who come to the game–the more money gets donated to the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland.  For every paid ticket, the Cleveland Indians will donate $1.00 to the Diabetes Association. 

I know what you are thinking, “$1.00? That’s it?”  Picture a paid attendance of 43,000 and $1.00 for each paid ticket going to the Diabetes association.  That’s a check for $43,000!  Let me say that again, that’s a check for $43,000! Are you seeing how I am a “glass half full” kind of guy yet? So let’s get out there and buy a ticket to tomorrow night’s game and help support this great organization!

If you’re feeling crazy, here is a little more information on the Fill the House for Charity program:

For 13 Wednesdays throughout the 2011 season the Cleveland Indians will team up with a Northeast Ohio non-profit organization to provide much-needed funds and the opportunity to raise awareness for their specific cause.  Launched in 2009, this program has raised more than $1,100,000 in monetary and in-kind donations for 13 Northeast Ohio non-profits.

The Indians will donate $5 from each ticket sold by the participating non-profit organization back to the charity. Also, $1 from every overall ticket sale for Wednesday games during the 2011 baseball season will be donated to the designated charity.

The Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland’s mission is to ensure that Greater Clevelanders affected by diabetes have the support they need to live well with the disease.

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