“Cheer Up, Dude…It’s Christmas!”

I never liked getting Christmas lists from family or friends, nor did I like giving them a Christmas list.  Why bother telling me what you want?  Can’t you just get it yourself?  I’ll give you the cash for it. Oh you want to get me something too?  How about we just exchange $20 bills and call it even?

Yes, I did just have a conversation with myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I love giving presents at Christmas.  I LOVE it!  I just like surprising people with gifts more than giving them what they ask for.  I would rather get someone something that they mentioned they wanted in casual conversation way back in June and forgot about then getting them that blender they want just because they need to ask for something.  This is also why I don’t like giving a list.  I’m terrible at pretending to be surprised when I open a gift when I already have an idea of what it is.  “Oh cool! Socks and underwear!  Wow, I really needed these…which is why they were on my list.  I probably would have picked them up at Wal-Mart tomorrow, but this is great.” As a quick side note, I’m sorry for any family or friends reading this that are giving me a gift that was on my list this Christmas.

IndiansVisit 017No, no. The surprise of gift giving is much better! Which is why I was incredibly happy when our new Indians manager, Terry Francona called me up and wanted to give some surprise presents to the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital, Shaker Campus.  Terry set us up with his friends at New Balance and they were nice enough to donate 23 pairs of brand new shoes to the kids at the Children’s Hospital!  The kids ranged in age from a couple of months old up to about 15 years old.  Slider dressed up in his Santa outfit and delivered the presents to each child just in time for Christmas!  The kids loved it and I’m pretty sure they were not expecting something like that at all. 

That’s what this crazy season is all about–giving gifts and expecting nothing in return except for the joy of watching them open the present with shock on their face.  A very special thank you to New Balance for stepping up and donating all of the shoes and shipping them to us quick enough to do this before Christmas.  Also thank you to Terry Francona, who has been our manager for what? A month and a half?  And he is already looking out for our community.  Finally, thank you to the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital, Shaker Campus who gave us the opportunity to meet these children. Thank you!

To all of you who read my blog (Mom, I’ll see you in a few days) have a great Christmas and Holiday season and a fantastic New Year.  Cheers to 2012 and a great 2013!

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