April 2011

“Good news…I saw a dog today.”

I’ve been thinking about getting a dog lately and if I do decide to go through with it, I would probably adopt one from a shelter or something along those lines.  I don’t really care what type of dog I get, but to be able to “save” one would mean more to me than buying one from a breeder or the next door neighbor whose Poodle just had a litter and a half. 

The problem I face is that, if I get a dog, I would have to keep it at my girlfriend’s house because I don’t have room for one.  She isn’t too excited about the idea and has turned me down numerous times when I’ve asked her about it.  I always thought that if I propose to her it would be fun to adopt a dog , put the engagement ring on his paw, and have him walk in her house with it on. I could then yell, “Surprise!”  That way, if she told me I had to give the dog back I could say that the ring and the dog are a package deal–take it or leave, toots.  Plus, in the future if she was ever upset with me over something else, I can say, “remember when I proposed to you by adopting a dog?”  She would reflect back and think it was such a cute idea (this would be years down the line) that she would no longer be upset with me.

Either way, I still want to adopt a dog and what better place to find out more about adopting animals than through the Cleveland APL?!  This Wednesday, April 27 is our Fill the House for the Cleveland APL night at Progressive Field.  If you are interested in learning more about adopting an animal, they will have a table set up in the concourse behind section 155.   

As a reminder, the Cleveland APL will get $1.00 for every paid ticket at the game (so if 15,000 people buy tickets, they will get a check for $15,000).  So come out to watch the 1st Place Cleveland Indians take on the (tied for)2nd place Kansas City Royals and make the money you spend on a ticket count!  The Cleveland Animal Protective League’s mission is to foster compassion and end animal suffering through adoption, human investigations, spay and neuter, and education.


There is no such thing as a free lunch.  That’s what all of my marketing classes used to preach in college.  That is a true statement because, no matter how you look at it, there is a cost to your lunch–even if it is given to you for “free.” Possibly, it’s a spicy lunch and that will cost you later in the day when you run to the bathroom every 10 minutes, I don’t know.   If you think you found a loophole to this statement and say there is such a thing as a free lunch, I guarantee you I will prove you wrong.  So drop it.  I’ve already won the argument.

With that being said, there is no such a thing as a free kids club either–but since it sounds better saying that it is free, we are going to call it a free club.  The only cost to you is your time filling out a registration form and submittal form, as well as your time doing great in school so you can get rewarded with prizes. 

I’m talking about the Cleveland Indians KeyBank High Achievers Kids Club, which is a free (just go with it) club for kids in grades K-8.  By performing well in school, members get special rewards including tickets to select Indians home games, chances to meet players, attend batting practice and participate in Signature Sundays on Kids Fun Days and much more.  Here is a quick review of how the program works:

  • Go to www.indians.com/highachievers to register for the club.  You are then sent a membership card, which you will use for redeeming for prizes and for use at Kids Fun Days. 
  • As a registered member you are eligible to submit your grades, attendance records and three (3) books that you have read over the course of a semester (1st semester=Quarters 1 and 2 and Trimester 1, 2nd semester=Quarters 3 and 4 and Trimesters 2 and 3).
  • You will receive one STAR per category with a maximum of 3 STARS per semester (6 STARS total for the year).  If you maintain A’s/B’s for the semester, you get a STAR.  If you have perfect attendance for the semester, you get a STAR and if you read at least 3 books for the semester, you get another STAR.
  • After the grades/reading/attendance is submitted online, qualified members get an email with how many STARS were earned.  You then go to a local Team Shop to redeem for  prizes.  The prize breakdown is:
    • One Star – Two (2) Indians game tickets and entry into raffle to win Batting Practice Experience for four (4) people
    • Two Stars – Two (2) Indians game tickets
    • Three Stars –Two (2) Indians game tickets and High Achievers Kids Club prize
    • Four Stars –Two (2) Indians game tickets
    • Five Stars – Two (2) Indians game tickets and High Achievers Kids Club Tee Shirt
    • Six Stars – Four (4) Indians game tickets and submission for one (1) of the following Raffle Prizes: Grady Sizemore Autographed Baseball Bat, Batting Practice Experience for Four (4) People, Meet-and-Greet with Grady Sizemore for Two (2) People

So there it is folks.  The KeyBank High Achievers Kids Club in a nutshell.  For more information, feel free to email highachievers@indians.com or go to the website at www.indians.com/highachievers to register today and start earning STARS to get free tickets to Indians games!  And before you even say it, I realize I called them “free tickets” even though it will cost you time and gas to go to the game.  Just sign up!

“You gotta keep on keepin’ on. Life’s a garden. Dig it!”

You know how you and your friends used to always talk about how cool it would be to take the grass on your lawn and just roll it up and carry it from one end of the yard to the other?  The Cleveland Indians front office had–hold on a second–as I’m typing this entry someone is now informing me that they never once thought that would be a cool thing to do.  Regardless, the Cleveland Indians front office had the opportunity to do just that today.

As part of Global Youth Service Day, Indians employees partnered with the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities and made their way to the corner of East 9th and Lakeside to put in an urban garden and a brick walkway right next to the giant Free Stamp. 

The 5 hours of volunteer work consisted of rolling up what seemed like a couple hundred rolls of sod and then moving them to pallets, planting apple trees, moving bricks so that they could be layed out into a walkway, raking dirt and top soil and everything else that goes along with putting in new landscape! 

While there were about 24 volunteers at this particular project, there were over 1,400 volunteers all over Northeast Ohio participating on various other projects to celebrate Global Youth Service Day (GYSD).

Established in 1988, GYSD is the largest service event in the world, and the only day of service dedicated to children and youth. GYSD is celebrated each year in over 100 countries. 

The weekend of volunteering caps off on Sunday, April 17 with all of the participants enjoying a day at the ballpark.  All volunteers were invited (and provided tickets to) watch the Cleveland Indians take on the Baltimore Orioles for the 1:05pm game.  They will take part in a pre-game parade around the warning track as well as be recognized on the field in front of the crowd.

So the next time you take your girlfriend or boyfriend on a date to the Free Stamp in Willard Park (do people do that?), or you’re walking back from a Cleveland Browns game–be sure to stop and enjoy the apple trees and the brick path and know that your Cleveland Indians had a hand in making the city look pretty.

“Oh well here, take this extra pair of gloves. My hands are starting to get a little sweaty.”

I remember growing up and getting my first baseball glove.  I was in kindergarten and had just signed up for T-Ball.  I didn’t know anything about baseball, but my older brother (who is only a year older than me) was playing and I wanted to be on the same team as him.  I also knew going in that, because my older brother was left-handed and I was right-handed there was no way that I would get his hand-me-down glove.  For once, I could get something new that didn’t belong to my brother first!  My mom took us to the store to get my brother some new sweatpants and cleats and a new glove.  I was, of course, getting his old sweatpants and cleats that he grew out of. 

I was so pumped to go and pick out my glove when I noticed something.  My brother, although left-handed for everything…EVERYTHING…picked out a right hander’s glove.  It was then that I was informed that he was right-handed only when it came to throwing.  We got home from the store and my mom handed me his old glove and that was that.  But you know what?  That was an amazing glove and it was my glove. I made it my own and took care of it, and it was a part of me as I learned the world of baseball.  Plus, I didn’t have a growth spurt for about 3 years after that, so the glove lasted me quite a while.

The Cleveland Indians are partnering with KeyBank on a season long glove drive.   The KeyBank Glove Drive started on Opening Day and will run until August 28.  Here is what you have to do to participate:  Bring a new or gently used glove to the next Indians game with you, take it to our Guest Services booth, and we’ll give you a ticket to the August 28th game as well as a voucher that allows you entry to a post-game autograph session by select Indians players that day!  Plus, you’ll be entered in a drawing where you could win the opportunity to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the game that day!

You can also participate by bringing your glove to a local KeyBank and filling out an entry form.  It’s that easy!  All gloves will then be donated to Cleveland Baseball Federation and given to local youth to use while learning the game of baseball.  So bring a new or gently used glove with you to the next Tribe game and instead of using it to catch foul balls in the stands, donate it to the KeyBank Glove Drive.  Who knows? Your glove could get into the hands of the next Grady Sizmore…or the next Justin Sherman: Community Outreach blog writer and former T-Ball player!  Either way, you’ll help connect with the next generation of baseball fans in our community!

Fill the House for the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland

I’ve always considered myself a “glass half full” kind of guy when it comes to just about everything thrown at me in life.  The rare exceptions are 1.) when I run out of gas and 2.) when I finish a glass of water. 

This Wednesday night, April 6, Indians fans can’t be “glass half full” fans.  They have to be “glass overflowing” fans.  In a very roundabout and confusing way, I’m trying to tell you to come to the game so that we can Fill the House (the house in this case being Progressive Field) because the more people who come to the game–the more money gets donated to the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland.  For every paid ticket, the Cleveland Indians will donate $1.00 to the Diabetes Association. 

I know what you are thinking, “$1.00? That’s it?”  Picture a paid attendance of 43,000 and $1.00 for each paid ticket going to the Diabetes association.  That’s a check for $43,000!  Let me say that again, that’s a check for $43,000! Are you seeing how I am a “glass half full” kind of guy yet? So let’s get out there and buy a ticket to tomorrow night’s game and help support this great organization!

If you’re feeling crazy, here is a little more information on the Fill the House for Charity program:

For 13 Wednesdays throughout the 2011 season the Cleveland Indians will team up with a Northeast Ohio non-profit organization to provide much-needed funds and the opportunity to raise awareness for their specific cause.  Launched in 2009, this program has raised more than $1,100,000 in monetary and in-kind donations for 13 Northeast Ohio non-profits.

The Indians will donate $5 from each ticket sold by the participating non-profit organization back to the charity. Also, $1 from every overall ticket sale for Wednesday games during the 2011 baseball season will be donated to the designated charity.

The Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland’s mission is to ensure that Greater Clevelanders affected by diabetes have the support they need to live well with the disease.