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Bic It, Masterson!

Back in my days as a Berkshire Badger (high school and mascot) cross-country runner, my team used to do some crazy stuff with our hair.  Partially to psyche out the competition, partially because we were ranked 2nd in the state, a little because we had nothing better to do, but mostly because we looked freakin’ sweet when we did it.  We had anything from mohawks one year, to long hair the next and even shaving our heads for our conference championship (which we won).  When I say we shaved our heads…we shaved them down to the skin.  Bic it, is what we called it, because we would use a Bic razor to get that nice, close shave.  If I ever find a picture of us, I’ll post it up here–but don’t hold your breath.

As with all of my blog entries, the opening paragraph eventually leads into what I need to promote for Indians in the Community.  This entry is no different. 

This Friday night, while the Indians are taking on their inter-state/league rival Cincinnati Reds, our Indians Wives Association will be hosting what we call the “Tribe Treasures” silent auction.  All of the players’ wives come up with fun things of their husbands that they can auction off that the general public wouldn’t normally be able to ever buy.  Some of the items include: 

  • a Josh Tomlin game used glove (autographed)
  •  a pair of game used cleats and batting gloves (autographed) from Jack Hannahan
  • Breakfast with Matt LaPorta and his wife
  • A half-hour pitching lesson from Chris Perez
  • Meet and greet with Travis Hafner

Probably the coolest and most unusual thing (in my opinion) comes from Justin Masterson’s wife.  She is auctioning off the opportunity to have Justin Masterson shave your head in the home dugout before a game.  I’m expecting him to Bic it. 

If you aren’t into having your head shaved by a professional baseball player, and don’t enjoy breakfast with two strangers, or wearing some other guy’s cleats…there are still other great items to bid on.  Or you can take your chances on the Mystery Ball fundraiser.  For $40, you can reach in and get a wrapped up baseball autographed by one of the players on the Indians team.  You won’t know what you are getting until you pay for it and open it up (hence the “mystery”).  All monies raised will go to charity.

The auction will begin at 5:30 and will in section 153 up until the 7th inning.  So make your way down there and put some bids on these wicked cool items.  If you don’t want to bid, you can always just chat it up with the wives!  See you there and GO TRIBE!!

Round Up For Charity? Giddyup!

In my younger years, I always wanted to do stand up.  Not for a living, but just one quick gig. I was smart enough back then to know that I would eventually run out of funny, so it was one gig and done.  I even thought of ideas that I could put in my act. 

I thought it would be funny to talk about how my girlfriend at the time would pay for things.  If something was $14.76, she wouldn’t just pay with a $10 bill and a $5 bill–or even easier–a simple $20.  She would give the cashier a ten, four singles and sit there and count out 76 cents.  Digging through her purse, she would count as she put the change on the counter, “50, 60, 70, 71, 72, 73…Justin, do you have 3 pennies?” 

“No. I don’t.  I have a $20, use that.”

“I want to get rid of my change.  Oh, here we go!  74, 75 and 76 cents!”  She would say as she pulled out a second change purse.

Sometimes she would take it a step further and give the cashier a $10 bill, a $5 bill and a penny so she could get an even quarter back. It was an endless fight on how to correctly pay. I always wondered how she ever got all that change if she always paid the exact amount.  Nowadays, I just use a debit card and that’s the end of it. And nowadays, she is married and I’m not, so who was the real winner in that argument?

My story has two points.  The first is that I was a comic genius when I was a younger lad.  The second is that this story is a great lead in to talk about the Cleveland Indians “Round Up For Charity” program.

The idea is simple, you go to an Indians Team Shop and buy something.  Whatever the total amount of your purchase is, you are asked if you want to round up for charity.  Of course, being the good people you are, you agree.  The total purchase is then rounded up to the nearest dollar and that extra money goes to charity.  Example:  If your bill was the same as my old girlfriend’s bill of $14.76 and you agree to round up–your bill becomes $15.00 and the 24 cents you rounded up on goes to charity.  Fantastic, but what charity?

The four charities that will split the end of the year donation will be Cleveland Indians Charities, Flashes of Hope, The Gathering Place and Stewart’s Caring Place.  So the next time you go buy a Carlos Santana jersey, or a good old foam finger; try your best to make it an uneven bill so that you can “Round Up For Charity.”

I had to go East to go West…

Well after a couple of days without a blog update, I thought it would be about time.  I flew home from our Spring Training complex in Goodyear, Arizona on Sunday morning.  The flight had to take me from Phoenix to Philadelphia and then back to Cleveland.  I can’t figure out why they make you fly farther West to then go back East.  Anyway, here is a quick round up of the rest of how the Cleveland Indians Fantasy Camp went:

B.A.T.S and Killer B’s made it to the championship game with B.A.T.S winning the trophy.  It was a very close game all the way, but they edged out a win.  After the championship game on Thursday night, the campers had all of Friday to hang out and relax until the final banquet Friday night.  We held a raffle, a silent and a live auction.  All were pretty successful and raised over $14,000 for Cleveland Indians Charities.  Add that to our total of a little over $5,000 from Kangaroo Kourt fines and we had a pretty successful week.  There will be many happy youth baseball teams that, I’m sure, will appreciate the money. 

Now that Fantasy Camp is over, we can look towards our first Indians in the Community event being held tomorrow at the St. Augustine Hunger Center.  We will have about 12 front office employees headed over there from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm preparing and serving lunch to the less fortunate.  It should be a good time and I’ll hopefully have a picture that I can post up here (as soon as I figure out how to post pictures).  Stay tuned…


“No, but they do…and they’re the ones that write it off.”

Getting to the point of this and the last blog titles, it should be repeated once more that all of the proceeds from Cleveland Indians Fantasy Camp go straight to Cleveland Indians Charities.  I’m not just talking about the cost people pay to attend the camp (which campers could probably just write off–hence, the titles of the past two blogs). 

Each night we hold something called Kangaroo Kourt. And before you try to correct me, “Court” is spelled with a “K” for this word.  I can’t back that up, but every time I see it written on things down here it has a “K,” so we’ll stick with that.  Anyway, Kangaroo Kourt is a nightly occurence where we have a Judge (former player Gary Bell) and he fines different campers and Pros for stupid mistakes they had during the day.  There could be a $5.00 fine for someone who missed an easy pop-fly.  Or a $20.00 fine if you strikeout looking.  We even had a veteran camper who opted not to come to camp this year to instead go to Las Vegas and he was going to be fined $500.00 when he came back next year.  Oddly enough, he showed up to last night’s Kangaroo Kourt on his way in to Las Vegas, heard about the fine (even though it was more of a joke) and shelled out $500.00!

All of the fines go straight to Cleveland Indians Charities, so we like fining people.  Sitting in on the Kourts is one of the coolest things to see during camp–at least for me.  It amazes me how generous people are here.  The majority of the people donate more money than they are fined.  We had a guy that was fined $5.00 and he put in $30.  It is an awesome thing and for that, we thank the campers and the Pros (because they get fined just as much)!

Tonight is our last Kangaroo Kourt of the week because tomorrow starts the Pros vs. Campers game, the Playoffs and we have a little BBQ in the ballpark.  In case you are wondering, “Azcue’s Miscues” coached by Joe Azcue and Rick Waits are currently undefeated at 4-0 in their division (Heroes Division) and Mike Hargrove and Greg Swindell’s “Swindlers” are winning their division with a 3-1 record.

To my to readers of this blog, if you are interested in more information on Cleveland Indians Fantasy Camp for next year call our Fan Service department at 216-420-HITS.   

Welcome To Fantasy Island…I mean Camp! Fantasy Camp.

We have begun day one of the Cleveland Indians Fantasy Camp, where all proceeds go to Cleveland Indians Charities.  The campers arrived to the hotel (Renaissance Hotel in Glendale) late last night and had a quick welcome banquet.  They were greeted with warm welcomes from the Pros–which are Indians alumni.  It’s fun to watch how excited these grown men are to play baseball for a week.  Of course, it is even more fun on day two to watch how sore and slow moving they are because they realize how out of shape they are!

Throughout the week, I will be updating this blog and hopefully have some exciting stories to tell.  So far today, they arrived at the complex, found out where their lockers are (the campers use the visitor’s locker room) and have started some clinics.  This afternoon they will be playing two games so that the Pros can get a look at how they play.  The Pros will then hold a secret draft, picking players that they think could win a championship by the end of the week.  It gets pretty competitive!

While here, the campers will live as close to how real ballplayers live as possible.  When they are driven to the camp they will have all access to the visitor’s clubhouse and have the Cleveland Indian’s clubhouse staff take care of them…just like the big leagues.  Their uniforms will be washed everyday, they have breakfast and lunch prepared by our in house food service staff and can even have as many sunflower seeds as they can handle. 

Once the campers find out what team they are on later tonight, they all go out to dinner as a team with their coaches (the Pros).  After dinner, we’ll have a quick meeting and a bull session or two and then bed.  Tomorrow, I will have a break down of what Pros we have here and what teams they are coaching.  The “season” games start tomorrow morning right after player photos take place.  I’ll keep you all posted! 

This is every man’s FANTASY!

Look at this!  Two entries in a week(ish)!  I feel like I’m already on a roll.  

Starting up this Saturday in the Cleveland Indians Charities world of the Cleveland Indians is our annual Fantasy Camp.  The camp runs from January 13 (campers fly in to the Indians Spring Training Complex in Goodyear, AZ) and finishes up on Friday, January 21.  All proceeds raised from the camp go straight to Cleveland Indians Charities. 

Basically, what you get are a bunch of guys who live out their dreams (or fantasy, if you will) of being a major league ballplayer.  For the entire week, these guys are treated just like the pros and compete in games, practices, drills, workouts, etc., all of which are led by Cleveland Indians alumni.  If you have never witnessed this camp, it is quite entertaining.  Some games get pretty intense and you really want to get out there and play baseball after watching them go at it all day.  Plus, hanging out with former pros is pretty cool too.

Luckily, yours truly will get to travel down to Goodyear this year for Fantasy Camp (to work, not play) and I’m hoping to give some blog updates as the week goes on.  Until then, be sure to check out our community page on www.indians.com You’ll be able to see what fun things we have planned for 2011. 

Please Allow Me to (Re)Introduce Myself…

Greetings All!

This blog has been asleep for quite some time now and, even when it was alive and kicking, it was updated only every so often.  My plan (and goal) is to change that with constant updates throughout the 2011 season.  And by constant updates, I mean whenever I get some new information to blog about. 

For those of you who are just reading this for the first time ever, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Justin and I am the Coordinator of Community Outreach for the Cleveland Indians.  The purpose of this blog will be to keep you informed on everything that the Cleveland Indians do “Off the Field.”  We have an incredible outreach program and this blog will help get the word out on everything we have a hand in, from our Cleveland Indians KeyBank High Achievers Kids Club, to our Fill the House for Charity program and even into some Cleveland Indians Charities events that we put on as fundraisers.

I’m going to throw this out there right now (and you can pick it up if you want to) that I was in no way an English major in college.  When you read this blog, you will probably find numerous mistakes in my grammar and punctuation.  I especially love commas.  If you love writing and see that I am butchering it, feel free to comment; however, I can’t promise I will do anything about it.  My goal is to simply spread the news on what the Cleveland Indians do in the community. 

I think for the first entry of 2011, this is long enough.  Please stay tuned and check back often and I promise you won’t be disappointed.